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Donation Agreement:

By purchasing anything from this store, you agree that you are donating to the server without refunds.  Any fake Paypal disputes created by you will cause you to be banned from the server and this site.

Keep in mind that if you are under 18, you are admitting that you have full parental consent to purchase from this store!


When purchasing a package make sure you type your minecraft name EXACTLY as it appears in game!


WARNING: Do not issue any chargebacks after using any in game perks/abilities or you will be banned from the server permanently. If you are reading this "derp" is a code for 100% off a shiny numel.  You will also be banned from this buycraft site for issuing a chargeback.


Terms and Conditions of BuyCraft can be viewed here: http://buycraft.net/info/legal


To be clear, each purchase is not only a purchase, but a donation.  These donations help keep the server running.  The perks/gifts provided are a way of saying thanks for helping keep the server up.


Our other site: http://bdrpixelmonsafari.enjin.com

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